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Product Review: Schar Bread

schar bread vita

Schar is a German gluten free brand creating a range of gluten free products to suit your everyday lifestyle. Their latest product release is their gluten free ‘vital’ bread made with a unique combination of sunflower and linseeds, ancient grains and chestnut flour, an interesting mix. This bread is based on a sourdough recipe with added chestnut flour to give it further nutrients. schar bread vita

In my opinion, the new Vital multigrain Schar bread is one of their best breads as it offers a range of nutrients and fibre and fills you up. I am not a fan of eating white bread as it lacks nutrients, so this Schar bread is a great alternative.

Add some peanut butter and a banana on top and you’ve got yourself a banana booty! Yum.

You can buy Multigrain Vital Schar Bread here!


Sourdough ((32%) (rice flour, water)), maize starch, rice flour, water, sunflower seeds, linseeds (5%), apple fibre, quinoa flour (2.3%), sorghum flour (2%), apple juice concentrate, yeast, sunflower oil, thickener: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, chestnut flour (0.8%), salt, caramelised sugar.
May contain traces of soy and lupine.


schar bread



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