Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival

The Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival is held over the first weekend in September, this year falling on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2013. Offering a wide array of stalls filled with local fresh produce among many talented individuals hosting stalls or coordinating the festival.

What caught my eye was the strong awareness of dietary requirements throughout the festival such as cooking for dietary requirement demonstrations, stalls with gluten/dairy/nut free options and so on. That’s my kinda thing!
The hustle and bustle between the stalls brought on a great atmosphere with all stall holders and volunteers having one common belief, a passion for food. To me, this really made the scene fun and interesting.
To put it plainly, you come to this festival to eat, and if you leave hungry, I believe you haven’t done it right! So take a look at the yummy foods I came across today:
 Vietnamese Salad is my favourite, I highly recommend you give this one a try. Blending crispy, saucy and smooth textures with spicy, tart and sweet flavours, it works a treat for lunch.
The Gluten Free Grain Free Co. food stall is a great concept, offering pre-made cake mixes that are ever so tasty. Check out their website where you can buy yummy cakes without having to worry if you’ve put in the correct ingredients, or if your cake will rise, because they’ve done the hard part for you! This is a great concept for those who need to bake a gluten free cake for a friend or family member but don’t know how to.

The fresh fruit stalls were made up of locally farmed fruit and vege, to me, food at its finest. The stalls sold their products at an extremely reasonable price and also offered fresh fruit bowls with creamy Greek yoghurt and passion fruit on top. Tasty!
Blackall Country Cheese offer a range of cheese. If you’re a cheese lover beware. We shared a tasting plate and seriously loved every single one, from Gorgonzola to Cheddar each was perfect in their own way. I came home with the Camembert which is always a crowd favourite.

Coconut Yoghurt. Dairy free, gluten free, vegan. The best. This is sold in health food stores throughout Brisbane. It is a bit sweeter and slightly richer than normal yoghurt, so you don’t need as much in one sitting, but is so great if you are lactose intolerant and don’t like soy, give this one a try.
QueenBEE Secrets offer a natural alternative for skin care. This pack is especially for those with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and itchy dry skin. They also offer anti-wrinkle cream, soothing balm, cellulite balm and more. The owner Di Elliot is so passionate about her product and gives her email address out to each customer, so that if you find yourself with more questions about the product you can easily contact her.
Good Natured Living, Live Free activated crackers are made up of raw, wholesome foods, combined to make a naturally gluten and dairy free biscuit, perfect for a savoury snack or to put avocado on, yum!
The Strawberry Sensation stall was sooo good. They make their own strawberry ice-cream with freshly picked strawberries. It was like being at the Ekka, without all the random sweaty people brushing up against you. A much nicer environment to enjoy your strawberry sundae!
The Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival is a great day out, to explore and discover new foods as well as a chance to get a bit of spring sun! There were so many raw food stalls, gluten free options and fresh produce straight from the local farms. It is a great chance to support the locals and have a wonderful day trip to Maleny. 
Now here’s some live music I encountered while I was exploring the food stalls, enjoy…

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