Talking About... David Mousa (Architect in the Making) | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Talking About… David Mousa (Architect in the Making)

About the artist: David is a passionate student, studying architecture at QUT. David chats with us about how he found his passion, developed his style and finds further inspiration as a emerging designer in Brisbane.

“At university I have been fortunate enough to have worked on two big projects, one being a renovation, the other being a million dollar new building (on my own without the guidance of a firm). I believe strongly in finding the parallels between all the different arts and architecture. For me, the most important aspect of good design is the emotion that a certain space will evoke, this for me determines good architecture. I also firmly believe that art, architecture, fashion and music are all first cousins.” 

Style: My design style is ever growing and yet to be established but I am beginning to lean towards a simpler
form of architecture where the structure lets all the cosmetics such as art and furniture do all the talking.

1. Sum up what you do in one sentence: I’m a student of design (architecture) however I like to challenge the whole student status by doing schematic freelance design work for people building or renovating homes.

2. What are you working on at the moment? Currently working on a $1.2 million home, which is being built from scratch. Also finishing my degree and researching the possibility of starting a charitable architectural organization for when I finish uni.

3. What is your guilty pleasure? I unfortunately have a few too many guilty pleasures. Other than a girl with nice eyes and rap music, a great meal cooked from heart would have to be my guiltiest. There is just that something special when the worlds of ‘love and lamb’clash together.

4. If you could have afternoon tea with four people in the world dead or alive, who would they be? Kanye West, Frank LLoyd Wright, Howard Carter, my Grandfather who I was never able to meet, he was a fighter pilot in the war and from what i hear an immensely interesting person.

5. What inspires you to do what you do? Some days I have that off day where I wonder if I’m capable of what I’m aspiring to do, then I think about that exact moment as a 16 year old on a trip to San Francisco with my mum, when I decided this was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

6. What can we expect from you in the future? Hopefully to finish university would be a great start. More importantly though I hope to start getting my name out there and forming a reputation for designing spaces that bring smiles to peoples faces.

Images: David’s Portfolio of work

David has less than one year left of his architecture degree. After graduation, he hopes to travel to see the diverse range of architecture the world has to offer. Keep an eye out around Brisbane for some of David’s work popping up in the future.

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