The 6 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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The 6 Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

After two summers in Europe, I feel like I can I truly say that I discovered some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Travelling the entire Mediterranean sea, I went from Portugal, to Spain, to Italy, to Greece, and Turkey! So here are the six most beautiful beaches in Europe, in my humble opinion!

1. Formentera, Spain

Sail away on a 30 minute ferry ride from Ibiza to Formentera, bringing you crystal waters and white sands, all in one picturesque location. We spent just one day there but truly wished we could have stayed longer. Formentera nightlife positively follows suit to its big sister Ibiza, however you will be very limited for choice. We checked out Tipic’s Monday night hip hop and RnB which was amazing, and only about 1/6th of the price to enter compared to every club in Ibiza. You may notice that there are more Italians on this island than Spanish, but I honestly can’t tell you why?! Maybe the secret was revealed in Italy long ago, and they too can’t get enough of Formentera.

I recommend that you give yourself at least two days to spend in this paradise.

2. Lagos, Portugal

This beach town has officially had an Australian invasion, so it doesn’t really feel like Portugal, but it’s clear why every Aussie and his mates love it! With Lagos’ amazing surf and some of the most incredible landscapes I’ve ever seen, make sure you stop by Lagos in the Algarve. There are six beaches lining the coast of Lagos to choose from, but watch out, the water is absolutely FREEZING! You won’t know what cold is, until you’ve dipped your feet into these Portuguese waters.


3. Kefalonia & Zayknthos, Greece

Spend a day discovering the hidden, remote beaches only accessible with a private boat, at an extremely reasonable price. All you need is a drivers licence, and you can discover Kefalonia at its finest. Near Agia Effima you will find a number of gorgeous little beaches backed by forest that will make you feel like you’re the only person in the world, a pretty incredible and slightly thrilling experience!


4. Malta

Crystal waters will make you want to stay in this beautiful little country forever. I didn’t get a chance to visit the beaches during my stay in Malta, however I have been told by Marta from A Girl Who Travels that they are some of the best!


Photo by: A Girl Who Travels

5. Salento Coast, Italy

The entire southern coast of Puglia is filled with diverse beaches. You can easily spend a month or two hopping from beach to beach like I did, and I promise you will never get tired of it. From the east to the west, there’s a beach for everyone. Whether you prefer sandy beaches, rock beaches, beaches with waves, or something like the Maldives, the Salento coast is your undiscovered (by non-Italian tourists) part of Italy with some of the best beaches in Europe.


5. Antalya, Turkey

With a view like that, tell me, can one even fit anymore beauty into the picture? The contrast of mountains and beach in Antalya literally took my breathe away. While in the city centre you’ll find a gorgeous rock beach bay where you can escape the 40 degree heat of Turkey and float your day away under the sun. Antalya is also a beautiful way to experience the Turquoise Coast in Turkey – a great starting or ending point on your trip.


6. Milos, Greece

Forget about footprints on the moon, Milos’ Sarakiniko beach will make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto another planet. The white rock and unbelievable natural rock structures are what make Sarakiniko so unique, so for this, it is my final top beach worth checking out in Europe! While you are on Milos island, you will not fall short of beaches to visit, with the entire coast of the island filled with stunning and diverse beaches. Hiring a car or scooter is recommended, because it is a little difficult to get around the island.

Warning: Pale people beware, you’ll either get beautiful tan, or red like a tomato here very quickly here.

milos sarakiniko

So here is my round up of the 6 most beautiful beaches in Europe, but tell me, have I missed any? If you have been to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe please tell me about it in the comments below!

Love Cherise Joelle xo

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