The Big Schmoke in Brisbane | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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The Big Schmoke in Brisbane

Nestled in the corner of a cosy cafe at 7.30am, peering out the window, trying to keep my eyes open, I realised something. This was the first time I had been in Brisbane City during the day since May this year. I think if you live in the outer suburbs of Brisbane it is easy to forget all that Brisbane has to offer. 
Let’s keep in mind that Brisbane was once considered a “big country town”, but now it has moved it’s way up into the capital city world, being part of the worlds most liveable city‘s list. While Brisbane is still working hard to keep up with its elders (Melbourne and Sydney). Growing up here, I have certainly seen an improvement, even in only the past three years!

The first thing I have noticed is the increase in cosy, artsy and cool cafes like Brew, Sugar ‘n’ Spice, and The Frisky Goat just to name a few. These are an imperative part of the cities tourism, as to me, the number one thing when travelling is the experience, atmosphere and eating! You don’t want to have to walk for 20 minutes just to find a cafe, they should be spotted throughout a city so you can easily stumble upon something amazing. People love discovering, and Brisbane has finally begun to realise this.

Next, I’d say the fashion and food hubs are working hard to give us more bang for buck. For this one I mean, renovating the Wintergarden and now soon to be Broadway on the mall… finally. This was all way overdue, but at one point it felt like Brisbane was destined to be a dreary little city that never changes, and to top it off, the only one without a David Jones Food Hall *hint hint*. However the QLD Government are slowly redefining Brisbane and trying up date it, which is nice to see.

I think the final thing needed which will not only increase tourism, but also the attitude of the locals, is offer more ongoing events in Brisbane. From what I can see, Brisbanites can’t get enough of weekend festivals and events like Paniyiri Greek Festival, the Ekka or film festivals, because its an excuse to get out of your regular routine and do something fun. To me, I know growing up in Brisbane can be hard, there’s not a whole lot to do for those under 18. So I’d like to see an increase in under age events. 
Weekend festivals or low key events should be introduced to keep the people busy and happy. Lets face it, this is a good attempt to get people away from the shopping centres on the weekend, because Saturday morning at Chermside is a nightmare, so come on, get away from that place!

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