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luxury guide

The Broke Girls 7 Step Guide to Luxury Travel

Travelling on a budget is talked about regularly, but today I’m going to reveal how to turn your ‘tap beer’ budget turn into a ‘bottled champagne one-of-a-kind’ experience.

Well, it’s not that easy, I’m not going to lie, but here are a couple of tricks to help you have the ultimate travel experience.


1. Never assume

When booking accommodation and transport, never assume that one option will be cheaper over another. For example, ridesharing is commonly the cheaper option compared to taking the train, however in some cases whilst I was in Spain, I was glad I checked out both options, as they turned out to be the same price, however when I purchased the ridesharing there were extra fee’s on top.

A prime example of why is important to do your research!


2. Try House Sitting

If you aren’t on a time limit, try to stay in each location longer than a few days – say, at least one to two weeks, as this means that you may be able to find free accommodation through house sitting. Often the owners of the house have pets that they require you to take care of, therefore list their house for free in exchange for this service. If you have the choice, I would recommend cats and fish for being the easiest options, however more often than not you’ll find dogs which require walking daily.

If you’re in Australia you can check out House Sitters Australia! 

Otherwise if you’re looking at doing some serious long term travel, you can also consider options like being an au pair or teaching english in exchange for free accommodation. You might also like to try out Couch Surfing, which I write about here.


3. Plan your trip based on sales and go in low season

I am subscribed to my favourite airlines weekly email updates so that I can watch the sales carefully, as this is how I plan my trips.

When a flight goes on sale, I’ll often decide THAT DAY that I want to purchase it and just go with it. The longer you wait and deliberate, the less options you have and more often than not, you lose the price!


4. Go to the supermarket

When you first arrive, go to the supermarket and stock up on snacks and breakfast foods – a quick way to save a lot of money. You might also like to restrict yourself to just one restaurant/purchased meal a day and cook the others in your hostel.


5. Happy hour, the best hour

If you want to meet your friends, aim to meet them at happy hour, obviously the best hour. You’ll save some serious dollars doing so!


6. Mystery Hotel deals

Check out websites like and Wotif for their mystery/secret hotel deals. Often these are sold at half the price and are minimum 4 star hotels! It’s the hotels way of ‘getting rid of’ extra rooms that aren’t filling up without publicly showing that they’re on sale. A great way to treat yourself to something a little more special.


7. Check deal sites

There are so many deal sites out there now such as Scoopon, Groupon, Our Deal, Living Social it can be extremely confusing, however do keep an eye on what is out. The most important piece of advice I can give you with this is – always compare the original prices with the deal, as sometimes the difference between the original price and the one advertised is very small, which can fool you into thinking it’s a good deal.


Now that you’re fully equipped with my tips on a broke girls guide to luxury travel, I hope you can use this information wisely and get more bang for your buck! Do you have any other tips that I’ve missed in this article? Tell me about it in the comments below.

These are just some of the many simple tricks you can do to turn a broke girl into a luxury traveller.


Cherise Joelle xo

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