The Spanish Infatuation: Photo Journal | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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The Spanish Infatuation: Photo Journal


My pupils widened and I came to a halt in a complete state of awe, and just like that, my Spanish infatuation began.

Lose yourself in the embellished architecture, tantalising tapas and carefree mentality of the Spanish culture.
Spain has truly taken a piece of my heart, t
here’s something so relatable about it, that I can’t quite put into words. I can assure that you’ll adopt the late-mornings/long-nights mentality very quickly here.

 Magical, eccentric and full of life.

Let’s go on a magical adventure through one of my favourite countries.
Hola España…

 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 

I lost my balance leaning backward, too busy gazing at the ceiling (no, not the stars this time), desperately trying to take in as much as I could. Yes, eyes are the window to the soul, but they’re also a window to the world. In the short time I spent at the Sagrada Familia, I have to say, this was the most magnificent and memorable churches I have ever stepped foot into.

The background music was a collaboration of workers chipping away, footsteps shuffling along and fingers clicking swiftly across their audio guides, the Sagrada Familia unfortunately is in no way a peaceful space as it was intended to be, due to its ‘work in progress’ status. However aside from the constant background noise, its beauty and extraordinary detail still managed to take me away to some place more enchanting than this world.

A reminder that even though chaos may surround you, peace can still be found from within if you just stop and focus just for a moment…

Spain (7 of 27)Spain (8 of 27)

The Real Alcázar, Seville

Eyes circling a thousand times around, busily trying to find their resting point, caught up in the overwhelming mix of patterns and textures, where do I begin?

The Real Alcázar is the most fascinating and intriguing palace, and possibly one of my favourite monuments to date. Developed by the Moorish Muslim Kings, this influence is more than clear with the characteristic embellishment and courtyard design.

Honestly, my photos don’t even do it justice.

sevillaSpain (20 of 27)

Hint: Does this remind you of The Game of Thrones?

Spain (19 of 27)

 Plaza de España, Seville 

Glorious colours surrounded me, blue skies above me.

There was an emptiness that I loved, as I sat in Plaza de Espana watching the ducks follow each other as they paddled across the water, cooling themselves from the heat of the summer sun.
It may have been forty-three degrees under the hot beating sun, and I should have been hiding inside like the rest of Spain, but instead, I felt nothing but joy as I walked through the quiet plaza. 

Bucket list – check!
Isolation at its best.

Spain (18 of 27)Spain (17 of 27)


Believe me when I say that this city will take your breath away.

The two monuments above are just the tip of the iceberg around the gorgeous culture that compounds into Seville. 

As the river cuts through its flat geography, Seville is one of Spain’s main university cities, forever pulsing with its transitional mindset, vast number of experiences, unique architecture and sheer liveability.

sevillasevilleSpains (23 of 35)


 We detoured and rode our bikes through the park on a hot summers day, just like a scene from a movie, all I needed was some background music.
The architecture is what really got my attention in Valencia, but is that even a surprise?

Spains (8 of 35)valencia Spains (11 of 35)


The last city in Western Europe under the stronghold of the Moors, Granada may be a small city, but it is filled with character, complexities, contradictions and colour. The scent of tea leaves fill the streets, as the many colours of the bazaar reflect off one another, I couldn’t help but stop and stare.

Am I still in Spain? I thought to myself, or have I been taken away to some place much farther away?

In the distance I could hear the beat of the flamenco begin, and just like that, I was transported back to Spain again.



 El fin 

There wasn’t a day in Spain that went by where I didn’t stop in awe of my surroundings.

I am still daydreaming about it and wondering if these memories will ever feel like they were once a reality, because every step I took, each new city I discovered, and every beautiful monument that stood before me, felt like it was some kind of a dream.

Did my Spainish infatuation have this kind of effect on you too?

What a magical adventure…

Cherise Joelle xo

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