Gluten Free Review: Trattoria Da Garibardi, Florence | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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trattoria da garibaldi

Gluten Free Review: Trattoria Da Garibardi, Florence

Whilst still in a daze at Florence’s beauty in the winter, we stumbled past Trattoria Da Garibardi, swiftly studying the menu. Much to my excitement, finding gluten free pizza, pasta and dessert, so without another thought, we entered for lunch.
After asking the cameriere (waiter) for the specifically gluten free menu, Trattoria Da Garibardi offer over four pages of gluten free choices. We chose the gnocchi and ravioli, with tiramisu to finish. 

This was the star dish!
Gnocchi con pesto e pancetta. The gnocchi taste homemade and the pesto with pancetta went together ever so perfectly! Note: This is a ‘primi’ / entree portion size, which is very generous, as gnocchi is really filling.
Homemade GF ravioli with a ragu sauce. This dish was also really tasty, the ravioli had a spinach and feta filling, so it contrasted well with the ragu. Note: This is a ‘primi’ portion size, in contrast – it is quite a bit smaller than the gnocchi, however still fair as it is only meant to be a first course.
Homemade GF Tiramisu. Very creamy, pretty good (however Vienna still has the best Tiramisu I’ve tried at Pizzeria Scarabocchio).

I recommend that you check out Trattoria Da Garibardi, with its extensive gluten free menu, and seasonal produce, it offers good food and a warm atmosphere. The location is central and the trattoria is ‘grande’, so you can easily meet with many of your friends or family and not have to worry about taking over the entire restaurant.

Cost? $$ The cost of primi is reasonable (between 7-9 euro), for secondi you’re looking at around (14-25 euro) and dolce (averaging 5 euro). Overall, it does look quite like a touristy restaurant due its location on a Mercato Central square, however the food is great and it offers traditional Tuscan dishes. Our gluten free gnocchi was homemade, as with the ravioli, both being extremely fresh. I will be returning to Trattoria Da Garbardi in my gluten free in Florence expedition, but until then, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Address: Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 3850123 FlorenceItaly

  • Scarlett
    Posted at 19:00h, 25 September Reply

    GF gnocchi, ravioli AND tiramisu?!?! Sounds like I might have to make a special trip to Florence soon! I’ve got this place marked in my maps. Thanks for the recommendation… and I’ll be checking out Pizzeria Scarabocchio as well ; )

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