Travel Essentials: Part 1 | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Travel Essentials: Part 1

Packing your bag for a big trip can be hard if you haven’t been overseas before, 
and don’t know what to expect. 
This segment, Travel Essentials will include what I believe are my key items to bring overseas. 

Travel essentials
  • Today I’m starting with a travel pillow for the plane, they may look silly but they really make a difference, and these days so many people are using them, so don’t worry! 
  • Next, a good bag to bring everywhere, like the messenger bag, this closes securely to stop pick pockets and is big enough to fit your camera. 
  • I’ve got a travel journal to write in when I’m bored on the train, or so that I can note down that great cafe we went to for lunch for a friend.
  • Finally I’ve got a good quality camera, this will help me take some lovely pics but also isn’t too big to get in the way. An iPhone will suffice, but isn’t the same.

Keep an eye out for what’s in my travel bag next week!

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