One Day Guide To: London, England | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide To: London, England

London is a city filled with creative culture and historical sites. Mixing modern day style with old school traditions, Londoner’s have found a balance between cool and creative. For me, it is clear why so many people visit London and even decide to move there for a working holiday, due to all of the amazing sites and opportunities available in London. It also is an extremely easy city to travel around, from suburb to suburb there are constantly buses and tubes circulating to get you exactly where you want to be. Here is a one day guide to London! It is not advised to do London in a day, because there is JUST SO MUCH to see and do, but if you don’t have a choice – give it a go!

Currency: Sterling pound £

Location: England, United Kingdom

Weather: London is known for its dreary cold and cloudy weather, however in summer it can get really hot to around 30-34 degrees. Make sure you bring an umbrella or raincoat along with enclosed shoes.

How many days should I stay? There is so much to do in London, I stayed for five days and this was a great amount of time to see everything.

Where should I stay? This is a difficult one! I stayed near Edgware Road which is close to Paddington, and this area was wonderfully close to Portobello Road Markets and Notting Hill. Each area in London has its own benefits however I personally liked Shoreditch and Camden. What it really comes down to is the price, because accommodation isn’t cheap in London. So I recommend that you find a hostel or hotel that is well priced and in the central district of London and you can’t really go wrong.

Cost: Expect to pay around €90/night  (£75) for a studio apartment (pricey I know!).,, and are my preferred sites to find a high quality apartment for the best price!

What should I see? All the classic tourist attractions are a given, but my standouts were Portabello Road Markets, Shakespeare’s Globe, Camden Markets, Shoreditch, Columbia Road Flower Markets and Leicester Square.

What mode of transport is best to use in London? Walking is good but London is so big that it is not possible to walk everywhere. The red buses are great to catch because you can still see the scenery outside, however the tube is also great because it is straight forward and easy to work out where you want to go. There are also London tour buses available such as Hop on Hop off Bus, however for a 24hour ride it costs around £33.80 per person. To me, this is a little steep for a bus ride, even though it is a tour, so we decided it was best to continue with using the London transport system and make our own tour! More fun and much cheaper in my opinion!

Food? Each day heavily depended on which area of London we were in, one day we rolled into a local pub for a classic English meal, another day we ate at the Camden Markets, then we had Vietnamese in Shoreditch and Lebanese in Paddington. Honestly, London is filled with so many different cultures and so many options it is one of the easiest places to find something you like. As for gluten free food, the Camden Markets offered a wonderful selection of gluten free food such as Cookies and Scream for sweets, Honest Burger (GF buns) for lunch then also a wide range of gourmet food stalls. Meals at the markets are around £6-8 but restaurants expect to pay £10-15.

Insider tips? Buy an Oyster Card the day you arrive from the nearest tube station. This is the best option for public transport in London because you pay at a discounted rate, rather than paying full price by cash each time. At the end of your stay you can return it and get the money back off the card that you haven’t used! A bus or tube ride is around £2.50 per ride WITHOUT the Oyster Card but around £1.45 with it, and you will only spend a maximum of £4.40 no matter how many tubes or buses you take in a day (details below).

Oyster Card details:

Cash single more information Oyster pay as you go Bus and tram passesmore information
Pay as you gomore information Daily price capmore information 7 daymore information Monthlymore information Annualmore information
£2.40 £1.45 £4.40 £20.20 £77.60 £808
Portobello Road Markets

Portobello Road Markets



The Marble Arch

The Marble Arch

Harrods, London

Harrods, London

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