Turkey Photo Journal | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Turkey Photo Journal

My Turkish Adventure.

Chaotic, unexpected and always vibrant.

Turkey was one of the most diverse and frantic countries I have been to so far. I found myself getting lost in my surroundings, and if I wasn’t quick enough, easily fooled. 

To me, Turkey is a life size playground of culture, landscapes and people. If you don’t move fast enough, you’ll get left behind, as its hyperactive pulse beats through its cities, and time is governed by prayer calls that echo throughout the day.

There’s so much beauty within the chaos that defines this country, and I only hope I can show you even just a fragment of it.


Spend time discovering the surrounding coast of Antayla, because this is where the beauty lies, the Emerald Coast.
The Düden waterfall was the first waterfall I’d ever seen. As I walked along and discovered the caves beneath it,  I felt the fresh water patter softly against my cheeks. This simple beauty put me in a complete state of awe, wide eyed and breathless like a child watching fireworks for the very first time.
Memories like these are what make travelling so important to me.



  dunden falls-2



Get taken away in this cloudy dreamland, and revitalise your soul at the thermal pools of Pamukkale. We arrived at the Pamukkale calcium springs at 6.30am however unfortunately the site was closed until 8:00am. With convincing smiles and kind words, we were able to enter slightly earlier and boy was it worth the early wake up.
To watch the sunrise reflect off the water was one the most refreshing experiences.





A serene, unexpected calmness came from Eskişehir, as I walked through the city centre I was taken by its unanticipated beauty. Many steps slower than Istanbul, I strolled at my own pace without being pulled along by crowds, a luxury I had previously forgotten about.
Eskişehir is a great beauty and was a wonderful, brief stopover between Istanbul and Pamukkale.




An eclectic, chaotic and multicultural mix of people.
The Grand Bazaar is simply overwhelming and I could have spent hours drawing circles with my tracks as I discovered it.
Istanbul will keep your mind busy trying to keep up with tricks, trades and temptation surrounding you.
I recommend you start your morning slowly with a gorgeous Turkish breakfast made up of many elements to fuel your day, and end it over nargile and mint tea watching the sunset in the Old City, Asian side of Istanbul.











When I arrived in Turkey I arrived with an innocent, lack of awareness towards the chaos I was about to step in to, and when I left, I left with coloured memories pieced together like stained glass windows.
In these two weeks, my memories and experiences gained were non-tangible. I grew in more personal ways, developing a stronger sense of wit, ‘thick skin’ from the bartering and staring, further gratitude for the great beauty of a Mosque, and a new appreciation for diversity within a culture.

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

I hope you enjoyed my Turkey photo journal. 

Cherise Joelle x

Notes: Photos taken on Canon G11, edited in Lightroom with VSCO film filter. My next photo journals to come will be higher quality due to my new Canon 700d ! Woo woo!

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