One Day Guide: Vienna, Austria | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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One Day Guide: Vienna, Austria

Vienna is certainly a beautiful city, truly living up to its reputation. It is filled with beautiful architecture and wonderful patisseries, with even the department stores and cafes housed in old-original Viennese buildings – which sets the vibe of the city and shows off its beauty. I would recommend spending two days in Vienna to check out the wonderful museums, restaurants and scenery.

I found Vienna to be really great gluten-free-wise and came across quite a few places with ‘glutenfrie’ cake. I also always found many dishes on the menu at restaurants that I knew were gluten free, just like in Germany, they offer an “English” menu in most places too, which makes things a lot easier.
So here are my top picks for Vienna!
EAT: Pizzeria Scarabocchio – An Italian pizzeria that offers gluten free pizza, pasta AND TIRAMISU!!! Seriously, don’t leave Vienna without checking this place out. I was skeptical of the many pizza toppings with corn on top, however it actually tasted great, so give it a try!
Location: Florianigasse 3
1080 Wien

Oberlaa – A gorgeous cafe in central Vienna perfect for your morning cappuccino and cake. They have about five cakes labelled ‘glutenfrie’, I recommend the Schoko Torte and the Hollander. The atmosphere of this cafe is great, very Viennese
Location: Seilergasse 15
1010 Wien
Aida – A well known cake store in Vienna, I got a Caprese cake which is made from almond meal with chocolate chunks through it, it had ‘glutenfrie’ written next to it on the MENU however on display it had no name tag – so always check the menu too!
Location: All through Vienna
DRINK: Aussie Pub – a fun pub located in the centre of Vienna, with well priced drinks.
Location: Maysedergasse 5

Wien, Austria

SEE: The Hoffburg and Museum Quarter – check out the exhibitions and museums, there are so many museums in this area to choose from, just take a walk and you will find beauty (and museums) everywhere.
STAY: Close to a metro station, anywhere near the city is good.
THINGS TO NOTE: In Vienna they have a service fee included in the cheque, however when you are paying they also expect (if the service was good) to round up and tip a bit extra, for example if its $18.20 in total, give $20. Vienna feels like a very safe place and the metro system is a great way to get around.
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