Why Money Jars Are Awesome! | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Why Money Jars Are Awesome!

Want some tips for saving money for travel?¬†Since January this year, I have been saving for my gap year. Not very long in some peoples eyes, but for me, long enough. I have began to notice what works and what doesn’t when it comes to saving la mula, so here are my top tips:

1. A loose coin jar

If you live with more than two people, simply run around your house and gather everyone’s coins that are lying around or in their pockets, tell them it’s a once off, then repeat monthly…. Works a charm. Also make a conscious effort to put any coins you have in your purse in there, even if you do need them… This is forced saving of petty change that turns $2 into $200 in no time!

2. Set up a Goal Saver account with an awesome interest rate

You can earn between $40-60 per month on interest, you just need to save a minimum per month and not withdraw from it. Easy money!

3. Eat your salad, no dessert

Hypothetically speaking of course … We all know that you should opt for the dessert if given the choice. Basically I’m trying to say, when eating out, just have one meal or side dish instead of your usual entree, main and dessert, and skip the drink on the side, especially if it’s soft drink, but as for wine, that’s a difference story. Wine is allowed, always.
Scrimp on the small things and it will make a difference.

4. Buy staple wardrobe pieces

Instead of constantly keeping up with trends, over this time try to buy timeless pieces and keep them for longer, so that you don’t need to spend money on clothes as often (just for this time while you’re saving, once you get overseas, go crazy!).

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