Wonderland by Network 10 | FOUR SEASONS OF TRAVEL.
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Wonderland by Network 10

Set on the beach side in Sydney, Australia. Wonderland is Australia’s new week night series.
Personally, I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. From what I gathered in the half-hour I watched (because one hour was just way too long for me) the cast complete mundane activities with conversations not going very far, so I can only hope in the future the plot line some-what thickens. I feel like I can look over the fence in my neighbours house and find the same situation’s arise, along with the same lack of entertainment value. Speaking of neighbours, I can only hope that Wonderland does not turn into the next Home and Away or Neighbours, so I would like to see Wonderland give us what they’ve got and prove their prime time television slot.
What I do like however, are the set’s, which are creative, along with the scenery which was stunning (good job Australia). I assume this will help drive an increase in tourism… if the series manages to make it across the sea to the rest of the world. What strikes me with Wonderland, is how ‘close to home’ the cast portray our lives, well to me anyway… The language used and phrases said, made me laugh due to the accurate representation of what I believe Australians are like, so I thought this was hilarious.
Next week, I will try to watch the next episode of Wonderland, with hopes for the story line to begin to go somewhere. In the mean time, let me know what your thoughts were. Oh and here’s the link if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare…
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